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Losing someone in your family is an agonizing situation, specifically if it is because of a bike accident. It is a sad truth that most states have on average five bike accident fatalities per year. To some individuals that could sound like a trivial amount, but to the individuals who are touched by this figure it is shattering. We will not attempt to state that we can comprehend what you and your family are processing. At our bicycle lawyer law group, we can assist you in beginning a bicycle wrongful death suit so that you can receive recompense for your damages and loss.

What is a Wrongful Death?

In the case of bike accidents, it is considered aa wrongful death when an individual riding a bike is slain by the neglect of another individual. Either this can be on a truck, car, or possibly another bike. You might be thinking there is not much you can do about the disaster, but there is. The family of the victim is entitled to get compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of family member, and any loss that resulted from the victim's death.

What Should I Do?

We believe that you should not need to worry a lot concerning the legal issues. You should be allowed the time to grieve and concentrate on your family. With wrongful death cases, a few items to be knowledgeable of are:

  • Smaller Statue of Limitation: concerning bike wrongful death cases, there are only two years to file for a suit. In some instances, when a government group or official is concerned, there may only be one year. It is important to retain a knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer to assist with your claim.
  • Representation and Heirs: Some states have extremely precise laws about legal heirs concerning a wrongful death. It is stated that heirs to a victim are the children, spouse, parents, and other stipulations. Additionally, if you would like to continue with a wrongful death trial, you may have to represent all heirs of the victim. You must be able to have the blessing of the entire family, not just yourself or another singular person. Speak with all the heirs to be positive that continuing with the case is what everyone wants to do.

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We are deeply sorry for this disastrous occasion in your family's life. The attorneys at our bicycle accident law group assure that we do all that is possible to assist you. Your right is to be recompensed for your damages. Contact us today to get started on getting you the help you deserve.

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